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Bat Boy: The Musical

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N3 Props List/ revised 8/19


Page 10: Chocolate Milk/Makaela (They drink from carton?) Please use National Brand like Hershey or Nesquick.

Page 22: Garden Gnome with broken head/Steve

Page 34-35 2 Glasses Red Wine/ Vicki and Kaitlyn

Page 65 Weed Wacker/Tobias

Page 72 Hedge Clippers

Page 75 Cell Phone  (Preferably a high end smart phone) Steve

Page 81 Golf Club (Large shiny driver) Chelsea

Page 86 Hammer (slimy), ZK14/Blake

Page 93 Blood Covered Post-it Notes, On Porch

Page 89 Flashlight, Barbara


Other Props

Page 53 Game Controller (X-Box or Playstation) Headset, Madison

Page 61 Laptop? Game controller, or gaming mouse, Jared


Blake’s Room Scene 9

Page 96 Fast Food Bag with consumable burger.  Joy

Page 100 Hammer (rubber) bloody, Joy

Set Dressing

3 Welcome mats (must say “WELCOME”)

3 Practical Porch Lights

Dressing for Scene 9

Desk, the one below is curntly onSale at Staples for 40.00


Bed with pillows, blankets, sheets.  All dark colors.

Bedroom Images


This one is perhaps the light colored one we use to splatter blood onto.



gaming headset:


Blake’s computer, includes flat screen monitor, keyboard, gaming mouse, and a really big CPU with red LED effects.


All is well in the neighborhood.

Very little to report here, things are moving forward smoothly.  We are considering muslin or the vinyl product for the cyc.  Samples of the vinyl are being obtained to have a look at the product.  Elevations have been adjusted to better hide the vertical joins where the walls will hinge.  Drafting needs to be dimensioned and labeled, hedges need to be drafted, prop list needs to be made, rendering the scene 9 bedroom, and the schematic for the blood pump still needs to be completed.  Then I can start on samples for the faux field stone walls, concrete and asphalt painted areas, and hedges.

The only new development has been the decision to blur the division between the worlds of scene 9 and 10.  Letting some blood remain on Blake will bridge the two worlds and motivate his confusion.

Avoiding the SCROLL OF DEATH!

I’ve decided to move The Tempest over to a blog of it’s own.  Having each show on a page only resulted in “THE SCROLL OF DEATH”  and took a long time to load the image heavy material.  The new blog is:

Additionally, the new blog will feature posts from multiple contributors. Hopefully this will result in fewer clicks for all of us.  The link for the new page will appear in the Blogroll in the right column.

A possible sky solution.

This Rosebrand product seems to fit many of our requirements.

1. The panels (54″x 8′) arrive with a pipe pocket in the top already.

2. Very  OMG cheap. $4.90 a panel (x 12 panels = $58.80) with PIPE POCKET ALREADY!

3. It is FR vinyl. (PLASTIC DEB!) So, no additional labor and cost of treating the goods.

Bad news.

1. Despite the photo, it is not available in colors, and is screaming white.  Could be an issue for the night scenes.  Deb?

2. There will be no way to sew panels together, so we will see the edges.  We may be able to tape it from behind once it is hung to minimize this.  This could also, be manipulated to seem like the “tile effect” found in older games.  The artificiality of the environment could work in our favor here.

Updates added to N3

For those of you ho didn’t make the last production meeting, I’ve updated the N3 page.  Please contact me if you have any questions about what you see posted here.

Creeping Crepe Myrtle

As I traveled through VA and NC recently, I realized that the mention of Crepe Myrtle in the script gives us a clue to place.  See the zone map on the N3 page.  I guess we need to decide if we care.  Only gardeners might pick up on this detail, right?

Circle Dance

Great meeting today.  Summary of meeting, and new direction added to the N3 page.  Forgive me, it is becoming the scroll of death.  Tempest will be different.

Hacking out a ground Plan

About all I did today was work on the ground plan. Lots of reading, some more notes, a few stick drawings and then a bit of rough drafting. Late in the day, we took a new direction with the color, but no worries, no work other than the mental “pre-think” done on that front.